Les Indiennes Videos


Road to Pedana


Tearing of the Fabric

Soaking of the Fabric

Plain Fabric Boiling and Natural Bleaching

Block Makers

Printing Area

Printing Area

Printing Branches

Printing Karuna

Printing of Fanny Bandana

Printing Karuna

Printing Seraphine

Printing Chardon

Printing Veronique Indigo

Printing Coromandel Coast

Printing Rupa

Printing Violetta

Printing Rebecca Black

Printing Veronique Gold

Printing of Marie Paule

Printing of Wave

Steaming of the Fabric After Printing

Washing of the Dye

Drying of the Fabric

Final Washing and Drying

Boiling with Alazarin and Pomegranate Powder

Building a Fire

Making Black Ink

Chopping Jaggery For Black Ink

Preparing Black Ink

The Tailor

Sewing Area

Packing For Shipping

Chalk Drawing