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5ml concentrated perfume, free from alcohol.

'Attar' or 'ittar' is an Arabic word derived from the Persian 'atr' meaning 'fragrance'. In ancient India, attar was prepared by placing flowers and sacred plants into water or vegetable oil. After plants and flowers had slowly infused the water/oil with their delicate fragrance, the botanical material would be removed leaving an aromatic and highly concentrated liquid. Attars are 100% natural, devoid of alcohol or any other harsh chemical.

Chitpore Road, a unique old road and a melting pot of people, cultures, vocations and the arts, and once home to the Tagores and the Nawab of Chitpore, is Kolkata's attar street. The attar sold from these shops -some dating back to 1824 - represents the lifestyle of the local population but its popularity across India signifies its universality. The Government of West Bengal recognizing its historicity, is making a big effort to promote Kolkata's attar makers.

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