Terms & Conditions


Les Indiennes textiles are 100% preshrunk cotton, made entirely by hand using India’s traditional kalamkari process. Due to the hand-crafted nature of the products, exact repeat or pattern alignment cannot be guaranteed and slight imperfections will exist. Smudges and spots are often present, and because only natural dyes are used, slight bleeding of color may occur as well as fading. Dye lots can have major variations and will not match from order to order; therefore, customers must order initially a sufficient quantity of fabric to complete a job.  Products displayed online are also subject to dye lot variations and may not match exactly the actual products.  Ground fabric is cream-colored. Fabric is shipped in folded bolts and may require steam ironing.


Wash with a minimal amount of natural soap or mild detergent. Machine or hand wash separately with cold water; use gentle cycle; air dry; steam iron. Do not use detergent that contains enzymes, bleach, fabric softeners, or that is formulated for wool. Do not dry clean, soak, or bleach. We do not accept returns of fabric improperly maintained.


Because dye lots vary we do not guarantee that colors will match fabric swatches.


Stock orders are shipped immediately upon receipt of payment. Special and custom orders can only be produced during favorable Indian weather conditions, so delivery dates cannot be guaranteed. We will do our best to provide estimates of production and shipment time.


Stock orders will be processed and shipped immediately and cannot be changed once released for shipment. Custom orders, once confirmed, are sent for production and may not be changed.


Fabric is sold by the meter. There is a 5-meter minimum for custom orders. The maximum length that can be printed is 10 meters. For orders over 10 meters, the customer will specify preferred lengths of individual pieces. Absent length specifications, we will decide the lengths to optimize production.


Payment is due in full before products ship. Unpaid balances are subject to a finance charge of 2% per month. We require 50% of the total payment in advance for custom orders for fabric and 100% payment for custom orders for stitched goods.


All returns must be requested in writing and be authorized by Les Indiennes. Customers sending unauthorized returns will receive no refund. Restocking charges will apply: 15% for stock orders and 50% for custom orders for fabric. Custom orders for stitched goods may not be returned. The customer is responsible for checking all items for color, yardage, and defects before cutting or processing. Responsibility for this inspection will not be waived, even when the merchandise is shipped to a third party/workroom. Customer is responsible for return shipping to our facility. All claims must be reported to Les Indiennes within two weeks of order arrival. Claims due to conditions described in “Product Description” or not following “Fabric Care” instructions above will not be approved.